Subete Forums: A Community Where You Can Talk About Anything!

You may be wondering, “Why am I posting about a forum?” Well, there are three reasons. First, it’s a great place for anyone around the world to talk about whatever they want. From sports to television shows to help on lifestyle decisions to relationship problems and even simple rants. Whatever it is, Subete Forums welcomes the discussion and even promotes it. Second, it’s made by me, so you know it’s going to be safe yet easy to use. It’s also based on my ruggedly-built Linux server which adds even more protection and the power of open source. Third and finally, and this is the point where it ties into this blog, the forum is completely free and open source. It’s based on myBB, a fantastic forum software package that tries to be a bit similar to the expensive vBulletin software, yet have it’s own unique style. It’s really simple to use and just as easy to add plugins. So, anyone is free to join and start talking and chatting, right away.

Where do you go to join in? Just go to and you can join right away! For those who are curious, Subete is a name that adds to the feeling that everything can be talked about. Subete is the japanese word for “everything,” so why not use it for anything?

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