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Why Android Phones Will Triumph Over iPhone

Ever since the T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream was released, the community surrounding Android has been growing more and more. Android has progressed from being a minimally decent smartphone operating system that had lots of need for improvement to being one of the best on the market. More people started using it after Google fixed bugs and made it more appealing, and developers started including Android as a reasonable platform to develop apps for. Now-a-days, Android and iOS/iPhone are virtually neck and neck in this sprawling new market. People have been debating for quite a while which is a better choice, or which one will edge out over the other. But in my eyes, it’s plain and simple to see that Android will eventually beat the competition. Now I’m not saying that iPhones are horrible, in fact they’re very well designed devices. But it’s not the iPhone’s fault, it’s all about the nature of what is running on it. Here is why Android will top the rest:

  • Open Source: Ooooh, big deal that it’s open source, right? In fact, yes it is. The fact that Android is open source leads the way to plenty of opportunities that iPhones will never be able to reach. For example, because of this, Android is…
  • Flexible and Customizable: Android can be fit to be used on any smartphone. There are plenty of phones that use Android, from simpler phones to definite powerhouses. Android can also be customized into ROMs like CyanogenMod, which has made it able to run Android 2.1 (and eventually 2.2) on the G1. There are even plan on running Android on tablets. iOS works only on iPhones, so if people really want it, they are forced to get an iPhone, which can get expensive. Next, Android is also…
  • Secure: If something is open source, it means anyone can look at that source, and identify/fix problems as they appear. It’s the same concept that popular open source programs such as Firefox use for it’s security fixes, and the whole reason why it’s much safer to use than Internet Explorer. Finally, Android is….
  • Widely Available: If it’s flexible, it’s bound to be used on many other devices. As more devices use Android, developers will start making more apps for the Android platform. This is an unstoppable cycle that will continually grow, whereas iPhone eventually has a limit.

Plus, it only helps Android phones even more when the iPhone 4 has reception problems that Apple can’t exactly seem to fix without bumpers that make their innovative design disappear. Simply put, a free world is capable of many things that a controlled world cannot. This has also been proven in the governments of nations….free nations tend to do better than controller/communist nations. The first 4G phone runs Android (Evo), which iPhones still aren’t capable of (thanks AT&T). It’s that simple.

What do you think about this whole debate? Post a comment to argue your side!


Subete Forums: A Community Where You Can Talk About Anything!

You may be wondering, “Why am I posting about a forum?” Well, there are three reasons. First, it’s a great place for anyone around the world to talk about whatever they want. From sports to television shows to help on lifestyle decisions to relationship problems and even simple rants. Whatever it is, Subete Forums welcomes the discussion and even promotes it. Second, it’s made by me, so you know it’s going to be safe yet easy to use. It’s also based on my ruggedly-built Linux server which adds even more protection and the power of open source. Third and finally, and this is the point where it ties into this blog, the forum is completely free and open source. It’s based on myBB, a fantastic forum software package that tries to be a bit similar to the expensive vBulletin software, yet have it’s own unique style. It’s really simple to use and just as easy to add plugins. So, anyone is free to join and start talking and chatting, right away.

Where do you go to join in? Just go to and you can join right away! For those who are curious, Subete is a name that adds to the feeling that everything can be talked about. Subete is the japanese word for “everything,” so why not use it for anything?